Independent Living (Brooks Estates)

UMH is a not-for-profit with a Board that has fiduciary responsibilities and a mission to serve our residents with exceptional care and compassion.

I have had the pleasure of being a resident of Brooks Estates since 2003. My husband and I were tired of the headache of home ownership and we wanted to make a lifestyle choice that would give us a secure future. Knowing that whatever physical needs we might encounter we would always be in a place that would give us the highest quality of care and that our needs would be met without any burden to our children was very important to us.

For seventeen years I have lived the “Brooks Experience”. I am now alone, however, for a time my husband was in rehab and I had the convenience of having him near me. We were also able to have Home Health support when he came home. During that time, knowing that I was just a phone call away to staff support if needed, was such a comfort.

When you live at UMH, you have a safe, peaceful place to live with security on campus.

There are so many opportunities to participate in activities that make you feel connected and part of a growing community. Having so many activities available keeps you involved and truly enhances the quality of life. Residents can also volunteer on the campus. You can be as active as you care to be, but in this environment you have such a wonderful sense of control. As the years go by and I experience the limitations of aging, I have the assurance that I will always be where I will receive the highest quality of care.

Calli Berg

Board Chair & Resident

Independent Living (Brooks Estates)

My wife and I knew for a long time that we wanted to retire to Wesley Village as she was on the United Methodist Homes Board in the 1990s when the Building of Brooks Estates was being discussed. Now I’m a board member and they’re working on the expansion project for Brooks Estates. I enjoy not having to worry about the day-to-day stuff. Shortly after we moved to Brooks Estates, we came home from a Sunday out to a broken water heater. Within ten minutes of making a call, maintenance had sent someone, and shortly thereafter they had a new water heater installed and carpets replaced free of charge. The community offers several daily activities and get togethers, as well as regular trips to local events.

Emil F. Augustine

Board Member & Resident

Skilled Nursing

I became a resident of Partridge-Tippett  in 2017 from Anderson Personal Care. At that point in my life, I had seen my share of nursing homes.  I absolutely love my home here at Wesley Village. In my opinion, if you decide to live in a nursing home,  this is the place to be. Wesley Village has all that you want and all of my needs are met.

Jean Herron


Personal Care

Let’s be honest, there’s no place like home. Everything that they have to offer here is just like being at home. The only difference is that you don’t have to take care of anything. Everything is taken care of for you and I love the people that work here.

George Stamos



When I saw the facility, I knew that as far as therapy went, it was the place for me. The staff always makes sure that I am comfortable, as well as my family when they visit. I can’t say enough about everything here, the care is fantastic.

Virginia Serino


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