Wesley Village Campus | Dine & Discover | June 9

Join residents & staff for a delicious meal, casual conversation and a short presentation about Personal Care and Independent Living at the Welsey Village Campus. Enjoy a lifestyle that offers maintenance-free living, a wide variety of daily programs, social...

UMH Foundation Fourth Annual Golf Tournament | June 25

Come and enjoy a great day of golf, food, and prizes at the beautiful Conklin Players Club on Thursday, June 25, 2020. By joining us or becoming a sponsor, you're supporting our Resident Assistance Program, which provides continuity of care for residents that have...

Wesley Village Campus | Dine & Discover | October 20

Join residents & staff for a delicious meal, casual conversation and a short presentation about Personal Care and Independent Living at the Wesley Village Campus. Enjoy a lifestyle that offers maintenance-free living, a wide variety of daily programs, social...


Redefining Social Distancing

Staff working with residents and families to maintain creative communication Residents, along with activities staff, at United Methodist Homes Campuses are making the best of their new situation. With social distancing requirements, they have been getting creative and...

Activity Highlights – Elizabeth Church Campus

Elizabeth Church Spring Fling In June, Our Elizabeth Church Campus hosted a beach-themed Spring Fling. The halls of the St. Louise Manor were filled with music that emanated from the dining room. Those that attended also enjoyed a delicious spread themed for the...

The Will to Become a Ukulele Player

The ukulele may not be as glamorous as a guitar, but to Rose Marie Corsaletti, a resident at Wesley Village, it was unique enough to inspire her to learn how to play. Growing up, Rose Marie took piano and clarinet lessons for a short time before the music program was...

Putting the Pieces Together

For over a hundred years, jigsaw puzzles have kept their popularity and remained a part of our culture as a common hobby among children and adults. Not only are they a classic American past time, but a great way to spend time with family and friends. Every year since...

Serenity Garden Dedication

Monday, June 17, 2019, was a day of remembrance and honor at Wesley Village’s Partridge-Tippett Nursing Facility as we dedicated the new Serenity Garden in memory of Henry C. Johnson. Over 70 residents, staff, family, and friends of Mr. Johnson gathered under a tent...

Tips for Downsizing

When seniors are getting closer to retirement, they don’t often think about downsizing. Perhaps, they think about traveling the world or spending time with their families. However, at some point, most seniors will encounter the situation in which they need to make a...

2019 Pillar Award Winners

In 2018, UMH announced the first annual peer to peer employee recognition program to honor and acknowledge excellence at work. This year, the decision was made to open the nominations to teams and departments as well as individuals. The award recipients in 2019 were...

Can Positive Thinking Really Improve Your Health?

Can positive thinking really improve your health? Our Activities Department and many researchers say that it absolutely can. Taking an optimistic view of life can strengthen your relationships, improve your coping ability and keep you in good health. Getting the brain...

Tips to Sleep Like a Teenager

As we get older, we often experience changes in our sleeping patterns. We usually start getting tired earlier, waking up earlier and in some cases, experiencing less deep sleep than we used to. A good night’s sleep is good for the mind, body, and soul. According to...

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